Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Latest updates

Not sure if anyone out there anymore, its been such a very long time since I have posted due to the fact that I found a full time job after 3 years!  Ive been adjusting to life as a full time worker and having to run a home too!!!  AND of course spreading the word for Oriflame Cosmetics!!
I thought I might post the link to the latest Oriflame Brochure on here just in case you fancied having a look!
I was thinking of posting a "review a product" each brochure and sharing some information with you to give you an insight in to Oriflames natural products.  By the way, none of Oriflame's products have been tested on animals.  
For now Im going to leave you with this posting and gather my thoughts and information on Brochure 6's "review product"!
If you have any problems with the link please let me know.
Take care
Jan xx

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